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Hello! My name is Aga, I am the director and leading photographer of Vis-a-Vis studio. I believe that a female perspective makes a  difference when it comes to photographing wedding ceremonies and portraits. I know how to create a photograph that you will love - it’s not only being creative but also responsive and respectful to what I see. Photography is an intimate experience and I respect my clients and their privacy at all times.

I incorporate creative vision into each session to truly customise your experience. I will give you a gentle guidance to help get the best out of the place and time. I strive to compose natural portraits without forcing poses or emotion. I like to play with all visual aspects such as light, colour, texture and composition.

The selection of images is well balanced and compromises mixture of reportage, candid photos as well as group portraits. I look out for those little details as well as panoramas. This is all to bring full coverage from the assignment. I am always happy to try out your ideas if there are any specific photographs you would like me to take - let me know. 

The studio is any place I photograph and all the tools and technologies I chose to record and preserve photographs. I travel and I love it! I will get where the action is; London streets, countryside, overseas, indoors, outdoors, day, night. I am mobile and flexible. I use professional equipment and newest technologies to provide highest quality images. Strong experience in digital retouching and printing is used to bring the best of traditional and digital technologies. For a studio set up I have chosen few studio hire locations, depending on size and nature of the photographic assignment, I will recommend best options that will suit your  needs and your budget.

Every photographic assignment is detailed in the contract signed by both parts. My promise is to deliver all digital files from a wedding day within 3 weeks. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before you get your final images; selection, colour correction,  retouching, renaming, backing up, resizing, matching etc  

 Let me know your requirements, I will give you more in-depth information once I know more about you.

Thank you for your interest and your time. If you like what you see and feel that we could work together - well get in touch! 

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